*CLEARANCE* Orange MS»Gunge
*CLEARANCE* Orange MS»Gunge
*CLEARANCE* Orange MS»Gunge
*CLEARANCE* Orange MS»Gunge
*CLEARANCE* Orange MS»Gunge
*CLEARANCE* Orange MS»Gunge
*CLEARANCE* Orange MS»Gunge
*CLEARANCE* Orange MS»Gunge

*CLEARANCE* Orange MS»Gunge

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Hugely discounted ORANGE MS»Gunge!!

We have over 700kgs of Orange MS»Gunge to clear due to a charity letting us down earlier in the year, so we've hugely discounted it and named our November sale - The Orange is The New Black Friday Sale! : )

Grab yourself a mega bargain now! When it's gone, it's gone!

We all need a laugh and some quality messy fun to brighten up 2020, so why not do it in style by using our ORANGE MS»Gunge!

This item is excluded from all discount codes.

MessySupplies' own brand gunge powder, MS»Gunge™ is easy to mix, vivid and superb value! If you like Natrosol, you’ll love MS»Gunge™!

Our quickest mixing formula, 10 litres is ready to use in no time at all, making it ideal for demanding productions and tight schedules! 

Cut out the expensive brand names, yet keep the superior quality. MS»Gunge is great for everyone, from first-time users to studio pros!

• Super Sticky • Ultra Bold • Super Value!

Product Options


The Standard option is thin & runny. When poured from a height the gunge will create an umbrella effect on the head or object in which it is poured. This will also create a splash effect and cause a lot of mess!

The Thick option is gloopy & dense. When poured from a height the gunge won't splash so much and should be contained. It will stick to your head, body or props while falling.

The Xtra Thick option is super sticky and heavy. When poured it will congregate and won't splash or cause too much mess. It will very slowly ooze as it sticks to your face, body or props.


This product is limited to ORANGE only, however if you're looking for any of our 40 other colours, click here.

Why not add colourful streaks or even change the colour using our liquid VEC, available here.

Mixing & Disposal

Useful Mixing Tips:

• MessySupplies' MS»Gunge is best mixed by hand. We do not recommend using a mixer.

• Luke warm water is best when mixing MS»Gunge.

• It is VITAL the water is added and stirring commences as quickly as possible. The MS»Gunge changes in seconds, so to ensure lumps don't form speed is essential.

You can download our mixing instructions as a PDF by clicking here.

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