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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I order from messysupplies?

Do you sell the images & videos used on your adverts?

Is there a minimum order?

Which of your Gunge products would you say is most like Nickelodeon slime?

Where can I obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Someone at our event has an allergy, can we use your products?

How do you colour the gunge powder?

Do you sell Gunge Tanks?

Do you a contact telephone number?

Do you charge VAT?

Can I have a VAT invoice?

Can you call me?

Have you ever been gunged?

We're exempt from paying VAT as we're a registered EU business.

I would like to place a custom order with you, is that possible?

How much gunge powder would we need to fill a bathtub?

Can I take your powders on a flight in hand luggage?

Can you confirm if there is any latex in your products?

Do I have to use 10 litres of water?

What TV shows do you supply to?

Where are you based?

Can we arrange a regular weekly delivery from you?

Is there a US distributer?

Questions about Products

What is the difference between MS»Gunge, Natrosol and Methylcellulose?

Do your products stain?

Do your products have a ‘use by’ date?

Are your products non-toxic and safe?

How much gunge will 1 bag of powder make?

How much gunge do I need?

Are your products Vegan friendly?

How safe is your gunge when consumed?

How thick is the standard gunge?

What colour would you recommend?

What gunge would you recommend for a first timer?

Are your products safe for someone with a skin condition / eczema?

Can your Silly String be used with the Avalanche Guns?

Can your Natrosol be used in a bubble solution?

We are located outside UK, can we order the Avalanche Spray for Bugsy Malone?

Do any of your items contain animal products?

Will your VEC colouring stair hair or skin?

Do you have VEC in the colour I want?

What is the weight of the gunge packet?

Can you send the Avalanche to my country?

Do you sell metallic gunge?

What is the quality of Ready Mixed Natrosol compared with a bucket you mix yourself?

I need a specific colour. Is this possible?

Why do all the packets weigh slightly different?

What is the consistency of the avalanche foam spray compared to shaving foam?

What is Glass Effect like?

What is your vivi slime made of?

Is your gunge like slime?

Can you advise on the volume of a packet of Slosh Custard Pie in litres?

Do you have metallic slime mix?

Which of your products would be safe for babies and toddlers?

How long before use should we make it?

Is Instant MUD the same as Natrosol?

Is it normal for the 'Glass Effect' powder not to be the colour I chose?

Why does the Glass Effect powder not match the colour I've ordered?

Mixing & Disposal

How best to dispose of the messy products?

How do I mix the product?

Can I use cold water to mix the Natrosol?

Do I need specialist equipment to mix the gunge?

Can I use the Dissolver on your gunge products?

Can I prepare the day before my event?

How long will the gunge last?

Once mixed how long does the MUD last?

How to make gunge?

How much powder do I use per litre of water?

Will your gunge wash down the bath drain?

I followed your instructions but it isn't mixing?

Clean Up & Safety

Is it easy to wash off clothes?

Will your products make a mess?

Is it easy to wash off?

Is the gunge easy to wipe /clean off?

Postage & Packaging

Do you offer next day?

Can my order be delivered on a specific day?

Do you offer international shipping?

Is your packaging discreet?

Can I collect my parcel from a shop?

Can I collect products direct from your warehouse?

Could you ship to a hotel?

How is the gunge powder packaged for delivery?

I need delivery before 10am. Is this possible?

Do you send to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers?

Is there a cheaper postage option?

Do you ship to the USA?

Can you deliver next day?

Can I have my parcel delivered to a safe place / parcel shop?

What shipping method do you use to ship to the US?

Is Same Day Delivery possible?

Which courier delivers my package?

Do you ship to Canada?

I need delivery on Saturday or Sunday, is this possible?

Do you send to Australia?

Can my parcel be delivered to a different address to the billing address

Do you send to Europe?


Can I pay over the phone?

I do not bank online, can I send cash?

How will my statement read if I pay using my Credit / Debit Card?

How do I pay for an invoice?

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Can I pay after the delivery has arrived?

My Order / Delivery

I’ve just made my order, when can I expect delivery?

I've submitted an order and need to make a change

I do not have my 6 digit order number

I need to speak to someone about my order

Where do I find my 6 digit order number?

I haven't received my confirmation email

Can I cancel my order?

When will my order be dispatched?

I have just placed an order with you and need it as soon as possible

DPD says my order has been cancelled and to contact you.

I've entered the wrong address. What now?

I haven't received my full order

Has my order been dispatched?

The tracking shows as delivered, but I do not have my parcel

My parcel has not arrived

My parcel is damaged

What is the status of my order?

My parcel has been delivered to the wrong address

Can I get tracking for my parcel?

I'm not going to be when my parcel is due to arrive

I need the products tomorrow.

Is there any chance this can be delivered before the weekend?

Returns & Refunds

When will I get my refund?

Can I return Avalanche?

How do I return an order?

Can I return an unopened product?

Discounts & Freebies

We're doing a charity event, can you send us some gunge for free?

I have a YouTube account and Subscribers, will you send me free gunge?

Do you offer discounts?

Do you offer charity discounts?

Are you planning any special deals?

About MessySupplies

What is your address / telephone?

Can I collect from you?