Product Safety & Advice

• Most of our products are non-toxic, non-allergenic and approved for use on all skins, hair types and clothing. We cannot guarantee however, that reactions will not occur as a result of using our products and we advise suitable research of participants and, if needed, testing prior to use. Do not take internally.

• Please use responsibly and adhere to local regulations and safety protocols. Data sheets are available here.

• In liquid form our products will be slippery. Exercise caution on hard flooring and ensure there are no sharp or hard objects in or around the usage zone, taking precautions to eliminate any injuries as a result of slip hazards.

• We highly advise all customers to take necessary precautions such as protecting floors, furniture and furnishings with dust sheets, tarpaulin, protective mats etc. We have a selection of protective equipment available here.

• Products shouldn't stain, however we cannot guarantee this, so self protection is advised by wearing old clothing, or using clothing protectors or eye protection. Always wash clothing immediately after use to prevent staining.

• There is a slip hazard and some residue may remain on floors until properly cleaned.

• If using on stage or in a studio, we advise protecting recording & filming equipment, lighting and any theatre or studio equipment including curtains, backdrops and monitors. Check all studios and theatres safety precautions before use and ensure electrical points are protected.

• Never use liquid products close to mains electrical equipment or near exposed electrical points or cables.

• All our products are suitable for use by persons of 3+ years and up. Adult supervision is always recommended.