1 Litre 'Sample' Xanthan Gum Gunge
1 Litre 'Sample' Xanthan Gum Gunge
Xanthan Gum Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xanthan Gum Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xanthan Gum Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xanthan Gum Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xanthan Gum Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xanthan Gum Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies

1 Litre 'Sample' Xanthan Gum Gunge

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Each packet makes 1 litre of Xanthan Gum Gunge

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MessySupplies' products have proudly featured in:
 Stwnsh Sadwrn (S4C Wales)
 The Rizen Movie (Lost Eye Films Ltd)
⍟ The Gunge Run (Hosted by MudRunner)
Casualty (BBC1)
Big Brother UK (Channel 5 / Endemol, UK)
⍟ SplashFest Live (Europe)


Xanthan Gum is a cheap, non-toxic, safe for consumption gunge that is easily washed out of hair, skin and clothing.

Xanthan can be dispersed into hot or cold water, however we strongly recommend using warm to hot water for easy mixing and for your comfort. Naturally biodegradable and environmentally friendly, the Xanthan gunge can be disposed down the drain or in household waste.

While stationary the gunge is viscous looking, but becomes more fluid-like when agitated. Leaving the Xanthan to rest before use, can help thicken the gunge.

Xanthan Gum is a low cost, budget alternative to regular, professional gunges such as Natrosol, MS»Gunge™ and Methylcellulose.

Although it may not boast the smoothness, thickness or high-quality appearance of our other gunge products, it provides a low cost solution for those on a tight budget or who require larger quantities.

Product Options


We have over 40 colour options to choose from!

The 'standard' and 'fluorescent' colouring options produce a thicker, bolder, more solid colour. While the 'Glass Effect' produces a shiny, translucent glass-like appearance.

We also have liquid colour options (VEC) available here.

Mixing & Disposal

For quick and easy mixing, Xanthan Gum will require a Mixing Device.

Useful Mixing Tips:

Xanthan has a tendency to form lumps when added to water, here are a couple of tips to prevent this.

• Carefully combine the powder with a small amount of food oil until a liquid slurry has formed. This slurry can then be poured into the moving water, preventing lumps from forming.

• Empty the powder into a sieve. Slowly sieve the powder into the water, while agitating with an electric mixer. 

You can download our mixing instructions as a PDF by clicking here.

Please note, our mixing instructions are for MessySupplies approved products only and may differ between powders.

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