1 Litre 'Sample' Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge
1 Litre 'Sample' Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge
Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies
Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge • 10 Litres • MessySupplies

1 Litre 'Sample' Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge

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Each packet makes 1 litre of Xtra Thick Methylcellulose Gunge

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MessySupplies' products have proudly featured in:

 Stwnsh Sadwrn (S4C Wales)
 The Rizen Movie (Lost Eye Films Ltd)
⍟ The Gunge Run (Hosted by MudRunner)
Casualty (BBC1)
Big Brother UK (Channel 5 / Endemol, UK)
⍟ SplashFest Live (Europe)


Methylcellulose is a smooth, shiny gunge that has been widely used on TV for a number of years. Vivid, photo & video friendly, Methylcellulose is perfect for all environments including studio & filming, outdoors conditions, live events & competitions, stage & theatre, fetes & festivals, home use and more!

Methylcellulose is non-toxic, safe for consumption and can be easily washed out of hair, skin and clothing. Naturally biodegradable and environmentally friendly and can be disposed down the drain or in household waste.

Differences between Natrosol, MS»Gunge and Methylcellulose

• Professional • Smooth • Shiny
• Vivid • Thicker • Stickier
• Glossy • Slightly Thinner •  Vibrant


Natrosol, MS»Gunge and Methylcellulose are all very similar in texture and visuals. They are all regularly used by professional productions such as tv, film and theatre. It seems, everyone has their individual favourite!

The most obvious difference is mixing. The Methylcellulose requires an electric hand mixer, while Natrosol and MS»Gunge do not require any specialist equipment.

For more information, please see each product video of the gunge in action!

Natrosol™ is a trademark of Ashland Inc.

Product Options


The Standard option is thin & runny. When poured from a height the gunge will create an umbrella effect on the head or object in which it is poured. This will also create a splash effect and cause a lot of mess!

The Thick option is gloopy & dense. When poured from a height the gunge won't splash so much and should be contained. It will stick to your head, body or props while falling.

The Xtra Thick option is super sticky and heavy. When poured it will congregate and won't splash or cause too much mess. It will very slowly ooze as it sticks to your face, body or props.


We have over 40 colour options to choose from!

The 'standard' and 'fluorescent' colouring options produce a thicker, bolder, more solid colour. While the 'Glass Effect' produces a shiny, translucent glass-like appearance.

We also have liquid colour options (VEC) available here.

Mixing & Disposal

For quick and easy mixing, Methylcellulose will require a Mixing Device.


Useful Mixing Tips:

• MessySupplies' Methylcellulose gunge mixes best when the water is luke warm. If the water is too hot, the powder will form lumps.

• For best results, try creating a tornado effect in the water, then gradually sprinkle the powder into the agitating water. After 30-60 seconds the powder should have all diluted and the gunge will begin to form.

• Remove the electric mixer and continue stirring the gunge for a couple of minutes, ensuring there are no hidden lumps.

• If a layer of froth forms on top, don't worry this is normal if the water is too hot. Once you've finished mixing, leave to settle for a few hours, preferably overnight.

You can download our mixing instructions as a PDF by clicking here.

Methylcellulose dilutes exactly the same as Xanthan Gum. Simply dilute with plenty of water and drain.

Please note, our mixing instructions are for MessySupplies approved products only and may differ between powders.

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