The gungeBLASTER
The gungeBLASTER • gungeBLASTER • MessySupplies
The gungeBLASTER • gungeBLASTER • MessySupplies
The gungeBLASTER • gungeBLASTER • MessySupplies

The gungeBLASTER

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Playing with gunge has never been so much fun!



Exclusive to MessySupplies, our gungeBLASTER is easy to use, vibrant & unique. Manufactured to the highest quality making them virtually indestructible, even if dropped!

Fun for all the family, fun runs, stag parties, hen nights, water fights, paint parties, messy events, fundraising events, TV productions & team games! The opportunities are endless with our unique gungeBLASTER guns!

Fill the cylinder and blast your target for endless excitement and powerful blasts! The gungeBLASTERS design allows for super quick firing and refills.

The gungeBLASTER is 42cm long, holds approximately 300ml of gunge and can shoot about 6-8 meters.


Easy to clean, simply untwist the head and rinse with water in seconds.

Safety advice:

  • Never fire directly into eyes and do not fire at close range.
  • gungeBLASTERS are not recommended for very young children.
  • Surfaces may become slippery if using our products.
  • Always take necessary precautions when planning events.
  • Please use responsibly.


MessySupplies cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or damage sustained as a result of using these products.

Colour and style may vary.


How to use
  1. While holding the gungeBLASTER, dip the head into your chosen liquid.
  2. Pull back the handle, filling the cylinder by sucking up the liquid.
  3. Carefully, lift the gun and point at your target.
  4. Holding the barrel firmly, push the handle forwards into the cylinder and watch the colourful stream of gungey mess fly towards your target!

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