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Pure Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder • KG • MessySupplies

Pure Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder

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Pure, Untreated Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder

What is Sodium Bentonite Clay (SBC)?

SBC is one of the most powerful healing clays available. Used widely in the horticultural, health & beauty, detoxification and cosmetic industries, SBC expands when wet, able to absorb many times its dry mass in water.

It is safe for consumption and full submergence. It is also safe for disposal in public sewerage once diluted with plenty of water. 

Our Sodium Bentonite is a cosmetic grade and use in make-up, skin treatments, soaps etc… Therefore, does not contain any harmful levels of toxins.


Although Bentonite can be safety consumed we are not legally permitted to recommend doing so. This is because we are a supplier of special effects and not licensed nutritionists, doctors or health food adviser's.

Please note, we do not provide instructions with this product.

Data Sheets are available here.

Mineral Information
Typical Chemical Analysis Typical Mineralogy Other Typical Properties
SiO2 57.1% Montmorillonite 92% Bulk Density 800 – 900 Kg/m3
Na2O 3.27% Calcite 4% Swelling Volume 29 ml/2g
Al2O3 17.79% Feldspars 2% Moisture Maximum 14% by weight
K2O 0.9% Quartz 1%  Cation Exchange Capacity 78 meq / 100g
Fe2O3 4.64% Dolomite 1%
TiO2 0.77%
CaO 3.98%
Mn2O3 0.06%
MgO 3.68%
LoI 7.85%

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