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Pure Xanthan Gum Powder

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Pure, Untreated Xanthan Gum Powder

Xanthan gums are an extremely versatile product group and are widely used in both food manufacture and modern industry.

One of the most remarkable properties of Xanthan Gum is its ability to produce a large increase in the viscosity of a liquid by adding a very small quantity of gum, in the order of one percent. In most foods, it is used at 0.5%, and can be used in lower concentrations.

If your processing requires a rheology control agent or suspending agent to exhibit stability under extreme conditions of pH, temperature or pressure, then Xanthan is the gum of choice. Xanthan Gum has the added bonus of exhibiting good freeze/thaw capabilities further enhancing its versatility.

Xanthan gum can be used in dressings, sauces, dairy products, bakery products, toppings and fillings and instant mixes to name but a few. Such versatility and ease of use makes Xanthan Gum a widely used, popular product. 

Using just Xanthan Gum powder, it is super easy to make a safe, non-toxic, borax free, glue free Slime (also known as Hand Slime).

Available in a range of weights, ideal for every application from making giant bubbles, to manufacturing beauty products, to large scale TV productions.

If you need maximum control over viscosity, colour, quantity and design then our range of Pure products are perfect for you!

Please note, we do not provide instructions with this product.

Data Sheets are available here.

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