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VEC: Powder Colouring - Glass FX™

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Complete Colour Control - Glass FX™

We use premium quality powdered colouring in all our Gunge & Slime products, however with more requests for custom colours, we've decided to open this up to all our customers.

Glass FX™ is a super intense edible additive that produces a burst of colour when combined with a liquid.

You don't need to use much to colour your effects, so use sparingly!

For example, we use between 5-12 grams in our 10 litre gunge packs!

This quality hue is perfect if you need to colour your Special FX such as blood and other bodily fluids. 

We don't provide instructions or recommendations with this product, however if making blood you'll need to play around with a couple of colours until you get your desired effect: You'll need, red, green, yellow and maybe blue or brown.

Please note: May cause staining.

VEC Comparison

The Powder VEC colouring is designed to give you maximum control over the final product. Adding extra colouring such as white or yellow will lighten the colour, while adding black or brown will darken or smudge the colour. This is ideal when you need a specific colour to match your event. Fully customisable and fully controllable.

We've two types of powder VEC; chalky and Glass FX™. The chalky powder will not only create an opaque look to the liquid, but it will also add bulk and thicken it slightly. While the Glass FX™ additive will produce a translucent effect to any liquid.

We have many colours to choose from in multiple quantities: 100g, 250g, 500g & 1KG.

The Liquid VEC colouring is designed to enhance the visuals by adding depth and intensity to your gunge, essentially strengthening the colour of your gunge. Available in a range of colours including the unique Metallic and Pearlescent ranges which aren't available in powder form. 

Standard & Fluorescent range are available in 600ml bottles. We recommend using half to 1 bottle per 10 litre of gunge for an intense, bold effect.

The Metallic & Pearlescent ranges are available in 300ml bottles. We recommend using one bottle per 10 litre bucket for a solid, attractive effect.

Please note: May cause staining.

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